Games views on Facebook have overtaken YouTube, according to Streamlabs


The story is hard to believe for some, but in all of reality the inevitable has happened. The views on Facebook Gaming would have taken those of YouTube games in terms of total hours watched on Facebook Gaming.

According to Streamlabs, people have started spending more time on Facebook Gaming, with the platform garnering more views than YouTube Gaming. Streamlabs released its third quarter 2021 live streaming industry report on Wednesday 27e October 2021; the report read, “For the first time, Facebook Gaming overtakes YouTube Gaming in viewing hours.”

Third Quarter 2021 Live Streaming Industry Report

Screenshot: Streamlabs

The Stremlabs report also mentioned that compared to Twitch and YouTube Gaming, Facebook Gaming is the only platform to experience increased growth in terms of viewing hours in the third quarter of 2021. Additionally, YouTube Gaming would also improve the streaming functionality and place big bets on other streamers acquisitions.

The third quarter Live Streaming Industry Report also found that viewers watched 1.29 billion hours of content on Facebook Streaming from August through September. The figure represents a 9.2 percent increase in numbers from the second quarter of this year. Across all comparisons, the number of people increased from 1.294 hours in the second quarter of 2021 to 1.13 billion in the third quarter of 2021 who watched Facebook Gaming.

The number may not seem like much on paper; However, given that the change took place over a period of just 3 months, this is a staggering feat for Facebook Gaming. Meanwhile, the current report from Streamlabs shows the potential of Facebook Gaming as a streaming platform.

While it’s amazing to see Facebook Gaming growing up with competitors like Twitch and YouTube Gaming, at the same time, Youtube Gaming has seen a steady decline since the platform’s peak last year. In the meantime, Twitch remains grappling with its own set of issues, contributing to Twitch’s total drop in standby hours from previous reports, which stood at 6.51 billion hours in the second quarter.

All things considered, Twitch maintained its top spot in total hours watched, with 5.79 billion hours watched in the third quarter of 2021. Meanwhile, it is still too early to say whether Facebook Gaming will maintain this. progress and will top YouTube Gaming in the last quarter. 2021. However, Streamlabs predicts that the company is on the right track for now.

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