Facebook watchdog urges users to comment on company memo leaks, amid many other features introduced by the digital news platform / world

A lot has happened with Facebook lately. The Supervisory Board called on users to express their opinions regarding the platform’s two-tier system, on the other hand, creators are welcome to join the Reels Play program, the pages now display other organizations to which they are affiliates, and the platform now suggests optimal times for posting.

There’s a lot of information to break down, so let’s not waste time and step through our list of four items sequentially. To begin with, the Supervisory Board asks for users’ opinions. With new information coming from the Meta offices practically bleeding from the massive leak led by Frances Haugen, whistleblower and former Facebook employee, new controversy is tied to the company with each passing day. The Supervisory Board, an organization created by the social network that acts independently from other Meta employees, including CEO Mark Zuckerberg, was created in early 2021 to deal with major issues that might require an outside perspective. The specific grievance raised this time around is the platform’s two-tier system, which essentially separates users into two distinct categories. One is the typical user base, which is subject to the typical standards of Facebook’s user policy. The other is made up of celebrities, content creators, politicians, and other famous and influential figures. This second group is often pardoned for offenses against the political system and mostly ends up with slaps on the wrists.

This naturally aroused a lot of anger from the Facebook community and internet users in general, with people rightly calling it a hypocritical gesture on the part of the social network. The Supervisory Board therefore opened a process to examine the matter. Users are now invited to share their opinions and comments on the matter, a dedicated area on the Supervisory Board’s website being reserved for these statements. Comments will be received until January 4, 2022, giving users a little over a month to leave their opinions on the matter in a clear and concise manner.

Now coming to the feature space, Reels is a format that’s proving to be hugely lucrative on Instagram, and now Facebook is apparently trying to get into part of this action too. However, asking creators to migrate and spend more time and energy creating for Facebook when they already have a dedicated space and audience on its sister platform is going to take time. Certain incentives would also help things a lot, and that’s where the Reels Play program comes in. Much like the authoring programs that YouTube and Snapchat have created for its users, Reels Play invites users to create content on Facebook and to expect monetary rewards and relevant earnings in return. Monetary rewards can help users purchase the right setup and equipment, and also compensate them for the time it takes to establish their presence on a brand new social media site.

With all the criticism Facebook has received regarding transparency and so on, the social network is finally deciding to do something about it. Yay! What he decides to do, however, is completely limited to the pages on the platform instead of his own company policies and so on. It’s time to put together a much less enthusiastic “yay”. It is often difficult to determine whether or not a page truly matches your beliefs. More importantly, it’s also annoying when a completely harmless and fun-looking page is secretly funding or affiliated with something pretty monstrous. I mean, remember when everyone found out that Chris Pratt is funding a church that is actively conducting conversion therapy? Ouch. Well, with this new interface change, Pages are now asked to clearly state their respective affiliations etc. Of course, they can choose not to, but most disturbing individuals often state their mental ideas with pride and enthusiasm, so I imagine Pages won’t be too different. The Proud Boys continue to vocally align with Nazi ideology, so what do I know at this point, right?

Finally, Facebook now also offers optimal times for posting. These prime times are the answer that maybe every admin of a large page or group has found at one point or another on Google. Of course, there is no simple answer, with optimal times varying by region and target audience. Little information has been revealed regarding this particular feature, but it’s safe to assume that Facebook’s algorithm might take these metrics into account when suggesting schedules.

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