Facebook Watch removed from Apple TV

Facebook Watch is no longer available on Apple TV.

A recent app update appears to have ditched the smart TV platform, which allows users to view Facebook videos and live streams.

“Facebook has updated the Facebook Watch app on Apple TV 4K with a new logo,” one user wrote in a MacRumors thread(Opens in a new window). “But [it’s] saying is no longer available,” they added, sharing screenshots of the new icon and a pop-up notification.

Only the tvOS app has been discontinued, 9to5Mac reported(Opens in a new window); Facebook Watch still works on Samsung smart TVs (for now) and can still be accessed through the social media site. Apple’s operating system for digital media players doesn’t have a web browser, so the only way to watch on Apple TV is to use AirPlay from another device. Facebook did not immediately respond to PCMag’s request for comment.

In a bid to compete with YouTube, Facebook launched Watch in 2017, inviting everyone from online personalities and celebrities to major sportscasters to share original content; accumulate followers; and generate reactions, shares and comments through live or pre-recorded episodes. The social network began gamifying the platform in 2018, and two years later added the ability for users to choose areas of interest, from music and performing arts to science and technology. technology, at home and in the garden.

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Although abrupt, the disappearance of Facebook Watch for Apple TV should not come as a real surprise. As 9to5Mac pointed out, tvOS has lost apps as developers shed interest in the platform, which never reached the same level of popularity as the iPhone, iPad, or even the Apple Watch. .

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