Facebook Posts – These video clips do not show Russia’s attack on Ukraine. These are video game simulations

As Russia unleashed a full-scale attack on Ukraine, videos and images began flooding the internet with claims that they depict devastating scenes of bombings and heavy gunfire across the country. from Eastern Europe.

But while the invasion is real, not all of these videos are authentic.

“OMG Russia just attacked Ukraine. Watch this footage,” reads the caption of what is believed to be a Facebook Live video showing a jet dodging heavy fire.

“Russia is attacking Ukraine now,” read the caption of another Facebook video that features three separate clips purporting to show the attack. The latest clip appears to show a barrage of missiles launched into the air.

The videos were flagged as part of Facebook’s efforts to combat fake news and misinformation on its News Feed. (Learn more about our partnership with Facebook.)

The two videos linked above include animated scenes taken from video games.

A clip of the jet dodging heavy artillery fire is from a simulation of a military shooter video game called Arma 3. Similar clips of the gameplay can be viewed on YouTube.

The second video of the missiles has been circulating the internet since at least December 2021 and depicts a teaser clip from a video game named “War Thunder”.

Readers and social media users should always be careful when viewing or sharing images and videos in news scenarios.

These clips are not real and do not show the current fighting in Ukraine. False.

Source: Shot from PolitiFact.

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