Facebook posts – No, Bob Saget did not predict his death

It’s been about a month since the unexpected death of 65-year-old actor and comedian Bob Saget, known for his stand-up comedy and his role as Danny Tanner on “Full House.”

A statement released by Saget’s family on Feb. 9 says authorities have determined the comedian’s death was the result of head trauma. But that hasn’t stopped social media users from speculating about his death online.

A TikTok video circulating on Facebook, which features a conversation between Saget and his wife, Kelly Rizzo, suggests that Bob Saget predicted his death.

“It gave me chills,” reads the text overlaid on the video. “Listen to what he says…”

In the video, a smiling Saget says, “So I don’t have long to live, if these are your favourites? I will be found dead in my bed.

“Better be careful,” Rizzo said in response. Using a YouTube timestamp, the video goes on to show that the clip of Saget and Rizzo was posted months before Saget died.

“How come no one brought this up?” reads text accompanying the video in a Feb. 2 Facebook post, which was still being shared more than a week later.

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The conversation between Saget and Rizzo was taken from a video the actor posted to YouTube in October 2021. The video, titled “Kelly Rizzo and Bob discuss how they met and his brand/company production “Eat Travel Rock”, was more than an hour and a half.

Starting at around 47:25 in the YouTube clip, the couple briefly explained how the TV binge-watching became a bonding activity during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Rizzo: “I’d rather be home, cook a nice cozy dinner, sit on the couch and build my little pillow fort and, you know, maybe pour you some scotch and make yourself comfy on the couch and watching a show. And I know you like to pepper in movies too, because you like movies – and of course, I like movies too, but for some reason.

Saget: “Pepper in films? I like to live for the movies.

Rizzo: “Well, and, you know, like I said, I love movies too. But there’s just something…”

Saget: “You like five films. You love ‘Big Lebowski’ every day. You could watch “Big Lebowski” four times a day.

Rizzo: “That’s not true. I love ‘Big Lebowski’, ‘The Godfather’, ‘Wayne’s World’, ‘Godfather II’, ‘Goodfellas’, ‘Casino’, ‘Scarface’.

Saget: “So I don’t have long to live, if they are your favourites. I will be found dead in my bed.

Rizzo: “You better be careful… So, I don’t know, maybe it brings back that cozy quarantine feeling we had, but there’s something I love about just binging the shows with you.”

Saget’s so-called prediction was actually just a joke that his wife’s favorite movies are largely crime dramas.

On February 9, Saget’s family released a statement about the cause of his unexpected death.

“Authorities have determined that Bob died of head trauma. They concluded that he accidentally hit the back of his head on something, didn’t think about it, and fell asleep,” says the press release. “No drugs or alcohol were involved.”

Dr. Joshua Stephany, Chief Medical Examiner for Orange and Osceola Counties, confirmed that no illicit drugs or toxins were found in his system. Stephany said Saget died of a “blunt traumatic brain injury”, which was an accident.

Our decision

A video shared on Facebook suggested Saget predicted his death.

The video references a joke Saget made in October while talking with his wife about his favorite movies. Saget was found unconscious in his hotel room in January, and authorities have since determined his death was the result of accidental head trauma.

There is no evidence to suggest that Saget predicted his death.

We rate this claim as false.

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