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New Delhi: Facebook announced several updates on Monday to make data portability more transparent for billions of users, as the company aims to give people choice and control over their data.

The company said it has completely rebuilt its data portability tool, and it’s now easier for people to transfer a copy of their data from Facebook to other services through its Transfer Your Information (TYI) feature. .

These updates include improvements to the user experience, two new destinations (Photobucket and Google Calendar) and a new type of data: Facebook events.

“Users can now more easily see which destinations and types of data are supported, as well as greater transparency on the status of each transfer, including making it easier to retry certain transfers,” said Hadi Michel, chief. product at Facebook.

Other updates include the ability to simultaneously start multiple data transfers for a destination and filters that allow users to more precisely select the data they want to transfer.

“We’re also working with developers to broaden the selection of data types and destinations we support,” the company said.

However, to ensure the security of user data both during and after it is transferred, “we continue to call for government regulation to establish clearer rules on who is responsible for protecting that data while it is being transferred to. different services”.

The updates are part of Facebook’s open source data transfer project, supporting innovation in data portability in the industry and advancing technology.

In April, Facebook introduced two new types of data portability that help users upload their posts and notes directly to Google Docs, Blogger, and WordPress.com.

The social network last year allowed people to upload their photos and videos to Backblaze, Dropbox, Google Photos and Koofr.


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