Facebook, Instagram Down: More than 2000 users affected! Here are more details

Facebook and Instagram are down again, after social media platforms suffered from their major outages. Due to this issue, thousands of consumers have complained about Meta’s online platform services.

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg talks about the new Facebook News feature at the Paley Center For Media on October 25, 2019 in New York City. Facebook News, which will appear in a new dedicated section on the Facebook app, will feature articles from a mix of publications including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post, as well as other digital-only media. .

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This is not the first time that Facebook and IG have faced system issues during the months of November and December. According to the latest report from DownDetector UK, both social media platforms were down on November 16, November 19 and December 1.

On December 4, consumers of social media giants suffered yet another outage, about two months after the largest.

“This graph shows a view of problem reports submitted in the last 24 hours versus the typical volume of reports at the time of day,” DownDetector UK said via its official data.

Facebook, Instagram down

About 2,800 Facebook users were affected by the latest connection issue. According to Independent UKIn Facebook’s latest report, Facebook users complained that they received an error message from the giant online site.

Facebook, Instagram Down: More than 2000 users affected!  Here are more details

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This photo taken on December 18, 2018 shows young Burmese browsing their Facebook page in an internet store in Yangon. – Facebook has taken down hundreds of additional pages and accounts in Myanmar with hidden links to the military, the platform said on December 19, as the company scrambles to respond to criticism of failed speech monitoring hate and misinformation.

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“We are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible,” Facebook said. The majority of affected users (85%) have experienced issues on Facebook’s current website.

On the other hand, the remaining users encountered issues with their apps. Some of them also encountered connection issues. You can click on this connect to see more details on the latest Facebook and Instagram outages.

Check if FB or IG is really down

Thread of life explained how you can check if Facebook or Instagram is really having a problem or just because of your slow internet connection. These include the following:

  • Check out the official Facebook and Instagram pages on Twitter. Both would announce if the platforms have any issues.
  • Look up #facebookdown and #instagramdown on other social media sites to see if other users are having the same issues as well.
  • You can restart your computer or your smartphone. If IG or FB still does not work, there is probably a failure.

In other news, Meta is shutting down deceptive channels related to COVID-19 and other sensitive topics to improve online safety. On the other hand, Twitter’s anti-info manipulation efforts lead to the deletion of thousands of fake accounts.

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