Facebook, Instagram 2021 year in review Tips for seeing what has happened in your life during the past 12 months

For Facebook and Instagram, the “Year in Review” features were launched by parent company Meta.

Instagram joins in the fun of the year in review as we approach the end of 2021. This time the company introduces a new reader tool that summarizes up to ten of your best posts from the previous year, making it simple to watch back in 2021.

Instagram year in review 2021

As reported by TechCrunch, Facebook users can now share their personalized “Year Together” card on Facebook, which highlights the friends, feelings, places and people that mattered most to them in 2021.

The new in-feed experience organizes a shareable map based on the years of people on the network. The new feature will be available worldwide from December 11 and will be available until December 30.

On the other hand, for Instagram, users can add a bespoke year-end “Playback” time capsule to their IG Story. Users can edit and select up to 10 stories to share with their subscribers using the story archive feature.

Instagram Archive Stories

Users must have published at least three stories this year or have enabled Stories Archive to be eligible for this feature. The platform will make suggestions for reading posts, but users will have the option to choose what they want to share. In their Instagram feeds, users will notice a message encouraging them to do their own reading. Users will have access to the new functionality for a few weeks.

Instagram users have already developed their own version of a year-end highlight by posting their nine best photos in a photo grid. Instagram is introducing an in-app method for users to produce shareable year-end content this year.

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End of year features

New features on Facebook and Instagram are fully configurable, allowing users to add or remove information and posts as they see fit. Both of these features will be available to all users around the world in the coming days, according to Meta.

The launch of the new features coincides with the growing popularity of shareable year-end recaps, thanks to Spotify’s Annual Wrapped Experience, which is shared widely on social media every year.

Facebook and Instagram have joined a slew of other digital behemoths in creating their own versions of the popular feature. This week, Reddit launched personalized summaries with stats on user activity, while Snapchat is expected to release its “year-end story” later this month.

Top 9 Instagram grids

Additionally, users will also receive a message in their Instagram feed inviting them to take a read, and if they stumble upon a 2021 story that they wish to include, they can click on the “2021” sticker to watch it and download it. share in their reading.

While reading is supposed to be popular, especially among powerful Instagram users who want to re-promote their favorite stories, it’s strange that Instagram hasn’t embraced a simpler end-of-year feature that is. has proven popular: the “top nine” grid of photos.

For many years, third-party apps have offered Instagram users variations of the nine best year-end photo grids, but usually at the cost of personal information like email addresses. Instagram offers users built-in capabilities to create photo grids, but no annual trial version has been released yet. Even Facebook, which is owned by the same company as Instagram, has an automated retrospective video feature.

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