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A new update from Facebook Gaming means streamers can now live together and be watched at the same time.

To be fair, the ability to go live at the same time is a feature that has always been around. Users just couldn’t follow, as all the feeds would either have to be in separate tabs, clicked on, or played on different devices in the first place. All in all, it’s not worth it if your favorite streamers live together and challenge each other in races, puzzles, and other fun challenges. Friendly competition is an integral part of the video game streaming scene (lockouts being a popular form of challenge for games such as Minecraft and Breath of the Wild). It is right that the users can also enjoy the experience without hindrance.

On October 5, a new feature was rolled out that now allows streamers to live together from different locations and configurations. Up to 4 different streamers can be seen live at the same time, with all of their individual live streams appearing on one large video screen. It’s a much easier way to keep up with everything that happens when users are broadcasting together, and adds a new benefit for fans of the Facebook Gaming service. It is no longer necessary to open separate tabs for two streamers to play together or compete against each other. Everything can be done under one tab and one screen.

The feature search, as well as the ability to tag other streamers on a collective live stream, can all be found under the Live Producer rail, along with the Gaming tab and the Stream Dashboard. Basic stuff that I’m sure users will pick up on easily, so let’s get to the more exciting news. Typically, such features are limited to creators registered under the Facebook Gaming Partner Program. But it is not the case here ! All streamers can freely access this feature and keep the audience entertained while having fun with friends whenever they can!

This new feature is a fun addition that really helps give the relatively new Facebook gaming service a more complete look and feel. Co-streaming and the creators of content that interact with each other are an integral part of video game culture. Even outside of streaming, the creators on YouTube and the like often interact with each other, much to the delight of fans. Facilitating further such exchanges is a solid move on Gaming’s part, and will help add more relevance to a platform competing with Twitch and YouTube.

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