Facebook and YouTube issued warrants | The Manila Times

The Philippine National Police (PNP) has obtained two computer data disclosure warrants (WDCD) from a Manila court that will give it the power to order social media giants Facebook and YouTube to release the chats, images and other content that was posted on social media from Usapang Diskarte accounts that contained material that allegedly encouraged child sexual abuse.

The videos posted on Usapang Diskarte caused an outcry on social media, leading to an increase in requests to take down illicit videos circulating online.

The Women and Children Cybercrime Protection Unit (WCCPU) of the PNP Anti-Cybercrime Group (ACG) has previously asked Facebook and YouTube to hold data from said accounts, fearing they may lose the information needed to file. of a complaint against the uploader.

A court in Manila issued the warrants.

“After transmitting this, we will wait for the data to be transmitted to us. This may include thousands of images, information about the account owner as well as their followers, chat logs and other information. We expect that this investigation is heavy, ” Lieutenant-Col. Irene Cena, head of WCCPU, said.

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The warrant will compel Facebook and YouTube to release subscriber information data to help authorities identify the person or group behind the Usapang Diskarte accounts.

Said platforms are based in the United States and therefore would require some collaboration to obtain the necessary information for a successful prosecution.

CAG Director, BGen. Joel Doria encouraged people who might have information about Usapang Diskarte or those who felt deceived by the viral post to come forward.

“We are here to help. I also commend all of our Cybercops and of course our WCCPU staff for your tireless efforts. Despite our limited staff numbers, you continue to show dedication to your duty to serve and protect” , said Doria. .

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