Facebook and Instagram topics to watch for Q2 2021


A new report lists the top six growing topics on Instagram and Facebook in the second quarter of 2021, based on year-over-year data.

Facebook’s quarterly “Things to Watch” report identifies conversation topics with growth patterns similar to other topics that have seen long-term popularity gains.

The report focuses on emerging trends that are expected to experience sustained growth, as opposed to current events that could be popular for one month and disappear next month.

Facebook predicts that the topics listed in its report will continue to gain in relevance, based on the company’s analysis of similar data patterns.


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Here are the highlights from Facebook’s latest Things to Watch report. If you’re looking for some breakthrough trends to hang on to, these could be sure to be a safe bet.

Keep in mind that these are not the more popular topics on Instagram and Facebook. These are topics with year-over-year growth patterns showing promising signs of remaining popular in the future.

Facebook and Instagram Top 6 topics to watch

The report shares the top three conversation topics on Facebook and Instagram, combined into a total of six.

Growing Topics on Facebook

Wedding receptions

  • Growth 1.57x yoy
  • Growth of 1.20 times month over month


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People are eager to move forward with wedding plans that have been postponed during the height of the pandemic.

Conversations around wedding ceremonies in Q2 2021 indicate that people are opting for simpler virtual ceremonies or micro-weddings with no more than 50 guests.

Pop-up retail

  • Growth of 3.59 times over the previous year
  • 1.02x month-over-month growth

Pop-up retail is growing in popularity as it allows businesses facing COVID to set up a temporary storefront.

A pop-up store can last from a day to a few months. In times of great uncertainty and very high commercial real estate costs, it is a viable business alternative that consumers appreciate too.

Animal care

  • Growth of 1.60 times over one year
  • Growth of 1.25 times month over month

Pet adoption has skyrocketed during the pandemic. When people return to work, they need help caring for their new companion.


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This has led to an increase in conversations around pet sitting and similar topics such as walking cats and dogs.

Growing topics on Instagram

Family meeting

  • 3.03x year-over-year growth
  • Growth of 1.69 times over the previous year

Many people have planned a family reunion after spending time apart due to the pandemic. Some families schedule destination reunions, while others keep them close to home.


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Car rental

  • Growth 1.81x yoy
  • Monthly growth of 0.97 times

The demand for car rentals has increased as people can now go out and explore after periods of lockdowns and travel restrictions.

Much of the conversation centers on the rising cost of leasing a car due to a shortage of microchips that makes it difficult to acquire new cars.


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Slide show

  • Growth 1.84x yoy
  • Growth of 1.41 times month over month

The report defines a drag show as:

“… a sexist art form put together by drag artists, or people who dress in clothes and makeup that amplify a specific gender identity, usually of the opposite sex.” “

Many drag shows went digital during the pandemic and became a popular form of escape during tough times.


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For more information see Facebook’s full report.

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