Facebook and Amazon let Seattle workers go

The tech city of Seattle is suffering job losses from tech giants Meta and Amazon. The cuts are part of a wave of layoffs by tech companies struggling with a tough economy. Recently, Amazon was bracing for layoffs that could total up to 10,000 enterprise and tech workers. Many of these jobs will be taken away from local workers.

The recent reports of potential layoffs from Amazon come after Meta (Facebook) announced layoffs last week. Seattle lost 419 jobs as employees were laid off at Meta’s Seattle office and 307 were laid off at the Bellevue office. In addition, Twitter, Snap and Redfin also laid off employees, including 208 Twitter employees in Seattle.

The layoffs would represent about 3% of Amazon’s workforce and less than 1% of its global workforce. It was also news that Amazon Web Services suffered a major outage on Tuesday that interrupted access to many popular sites.

Meta is also the parent company of Oculus, WhatsApp and Instagram. Amazon provides cloud computing services to many governments, universities, and businesses, including The Associated Press. The total of 726 jobs lost represents about 9% of the company’s workforce of 8,000 people in the region.

Meta’s larger cuts, which number 11,000 people worldwide, represent about 13% of its total workforce. The company had not previously disclosed the number of workers affected by the cuts in the Seattle area. Washington is a low unemployment rate at 3.7%, and for some a rise in personal income, “a strong economy” despite economic uncertainty. The state is on track to see retail sales grow 6-8% by the end of 2022.

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