EcoFlow DELTA 2 Launches on EcoFlow Online Store and Amazon with Special Offers

The new home essential portable power station is now available on the EcoFlow online store and on Amazon.

LOS ANGELES, September 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — EcoFlow, an eco-friendly energy solutions company, today launched EcoFlow DELTA 2 on the EcoFlow Online Store and on Amazon, with special introductory offers to mark the occasion. Customers who purchase the new portable power station during the first week of sale will receive a free DELTA 2 waterproof bag, while additional coupons will be distributed on EcoFlow’s Facebook community and at the live stream event on EcoFlow YouTube.

Officially unveiled at IFA 2022 in early September, DELTA 2 quickly grabbed headlines in the IFA community and wider media including CNN, Frandroid, Make Use Of and Techaeris. Convinced that DELTA 2 is a gender-transcending product that will positively impact the way we all live, EcoFlow decided to give something back to consumers to celebrate its launch.

“The DELTA 2 portable power station is an essential device for every modern family, especially against the backdrop of rising energy costs and frequent grid outages,” said Bruce Wang, CEO of EcoFlow. “One of EcoFlow’s core principles is to give back to our users and the environment by bringing reliable renewable energy solutions to as many homes as possible. DELTA 2 presents us with the perfect opportunity to do just that. .”

DELTA 2 sells for $999 and can be purchased separately from the EcoFlow online store and Amazon, while packs including the DELTA 2 extra battery and EcoFlow portable solar panel combinations are also available. Of September 16e until 23rdcustomers who purchase DELTA 2 will also receive a DELTA 2 Dry Bag, retailing at $69, free. Meanwhile, users who have joined EcoFlow’s Facebook community group can use exclusive coupons of up to 10% off when purchasing DELTA 2. Also, for US consumers, EcoFlow will hold an event DELTA 2 live streaming on September 16e to share product details and information, and 10% off coupons applicable on Amazon.

In a similar vein, EcoFlow revealed that DELTA 2’s use of LFP batteries will be replicated in the company’s future product development, and a new series of LFP-powered portable power stations will be launched in the coming months.

“LFP batteries are a more stable and durable alternative to traditional batteries which are a major development in the power industry,” Wang said. “EcoFlow is among the first in the industry to commit to LFP batteries, as we aim to provide greater energy independence for modern families to counter growing energy insecurity.”

About EcoFlow

EcoFlow is a portable energy and renewable energy solutions company. Since its inception in 2017, EcoFlow has brought peace of mind to customers in over 100 markets with its DELTA and RIVER portable power stations and eco-friendly accessories. EcoFlow’s mission is to reinvent the way the world accesses energy by creating quieter, lighter and more sustainable sources of renewable energy.

SOURCE EcoFlow Technology Inc.

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