Does Amazon give away pallets of lost parcels on Facebook?

On Facebook, Amazon distributes pallets of lost parcels for $1 each.

On August 19, 2022, we came across Facebook posts that claimed Amazon warehouses were distributing pallets of lost packages for $1 each. The items included in the pallets would be appliances, iPhones and various kitchen products. However, none of this was true. It was a scam.

The scammers appeared to be using Adobe Photoshop to add $1 panels to the palettes.

The messages read as follows:

Every day, many lost packages pile up in warehouses. Usually, Amazon can throw away these bundles, but now they are running a promotion and offering random bundles for just $1! You can easily get appliances, iPhones, kitchen items or other items! Anyone can get a package by filling out the form at (link removed) Limited quantities available!!!

This Facebook scam for Amazon pallets of lost parcels was similar to another scam we’ve talked about before that offered expensive Dyson vacuum cleaners for $2. By clicking on the link in both scams, users were redirected to a page asking for personal information and financial data. We strongly advise against filling out forms for online offers that seem too good to be true. We also advise readers to alert family members or friends of our article who might be susceptible to falling for this type of scam.

In 2020, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​in the United States published an article according to which one of the objectives of some scammers with fake freebies could be to build a following on Facebook pages:

The catch is that many of these “freebies” don’t really exist. They are created by scammers in order to accumulate as many likes and comments as possible on social networks.

As with many scams, this technique, known as “like-farming,” has several different purposes. Often the gift message itself is initially harmless – albeit fake. But when the scammer collects enough likes and shares, he edits the post and adds something malicious, like a link to malware. Other times, once scammers have reached their target number of likes, they remove the original content from the page and use it to promote spammy products or sell it on the black market.

Basically, no, Amazon was not giving away pallets of lost parcels for $1 or any amount of money. It was nothing more than a scam.

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