Discussion Forum Customer Support: Amazon vs. eBay

Thu Mar 24, 2022 9:41:54 PM

By: Ina Steiner

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Much has been written about eBay’s baffling use of non-eBay platforms to offer customer support to people with questions or issues, frequently promoting its social media team on Facebook as a way to get help, as he did on the Wednesday Weekly Chat:

“You can reach CS General here, but I also have a high opinion of our social media teams – I come from their department and trust their expertise, training and response. Additionally – you can send a message and not have to worry about chats timeout, dropped phone calls or anything (no music on hold)! You can private message them on Facebook or Twitter.”

So it’s interesting to see Amazon investing in resources to make its tables more useful to sellers. In January we reported on Amazon’s addition of employees to help answer questions from sellers on its online discussion forums, announcing that it is “increasing its efforts to provide a safe and engaging space for you, our selling partners.”

And today came the following tweet:

While it seems logical for a company to keep users on its own platform rather than a third-party service like Facebook – especially as sellers increasingly turn to Facebook as a sale – Amazon’s overtures to sellers seem oddly out of place.

We’re curious how sellers view eBay and Amazon’s discussion forums and the level of help they receive from the company’s moderators – and if you’ve noticed a difference in Amazon’s responsiveness. on its forums.

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