Dean Koontz’s ‘Nameless’ series is free to read on Amazon Prime

You can actually read Dean Koontz’s entire “Nameless” series for free on Amazon.


Until Dean Koontz’s “Nameless” series is adapted for TV, you can catch up on all the books for free with an Amazon Prime subscription.

Koontz’s dozen short thrillers feature a nameless man who can’t remember anything due to amnesia – he becomes a one-man justice team, following orders from a ‘dark agency’ , according to Deadline. The character will be brought to life by, indeed, an actor with a name: Henry Golding, who is working with entertainment studio SK Global to develop the series.

In the Heart of Fire (Nameless: Season 1, Book 1)

There’s still plenty of time to read all the books before you dive into the series, as production news wasn’t announced until late last year. Better yet, you can do it for free: the entire “Nameless” franchise is available to play for free on Prime, from “Devoted” to “Brother Odd.”

Amazon Prime

Koontz himself broke the news on Facebook over the weekend with dry humor, on the heels of the end of DST.

“With the hour you just saved, you can read any of my NAMELESS stories on Amazon Prime for free. Or get lost. Make the right choice,” Koontz said.

Free to read makes sense, considering the series was originally released with Amazon. Read it by joining Prime (or signing up for a trial) – it’s the perfect time of year to dive into a great book and prepare for when Golding’s adaptation takes off.

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