Brookside High graduate gives back with Lorain County Friday Night Lights Facebook page – Morning Journal

Richard Flowers has no children playing football, either in the squad or on the fall cheer squad at Brookside High School in Sheffield Village.

Simply put, Flowers, who is the head coach for girls basketball at Brookside, has no skin in the game.

So why is Flowers at the heart of the heat, at the center of the lights?

“It’s just my passion, I’ve always loved it,” said Flowers, a 1983 Brookside graduate.

He refers to football and his passion project, Lorain County Friday Night Lights, which also has a Facebook page.

Flowers has been working on Lorain County Friday Night Lights for over a decade and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon as he has also launched a podcast that plays on Facebook Live and YouTube on Thursdays.

The podcast is in its third year and has grown since Flowers launched it.

The Friday Night Lights of Lorain County awards Players of the Week awards.

“I wanted to build another positive platform…for kids, parents and Lorain County fans to enjoy,” Flowers said.

He said he also wanted to let people know that Lorain County Friday Night Lights is a 100% positive band.

For many, this is a time when players will shine brightest, as many of those on the court won’t be playing after high school, Flowers said.

It’s forever for some student-athletes, the memories they make on the court that will last for years, he said.

“It’s the only thing in town, Friday night football. There will be nothing more important than Friday night football,” Flowers said.

Something new from this year it has three hatchbacks planned that it is looking at.

Flowers said he hopes his efforts with Lorain County Friday Night Lights and the podcast will continue to help grow what he’s trying to do in the Facebook group.

Football isn’t the only thing Flowers’ Facebook page focuses on.

“We involve the cheerleaders, the band managers, the band and the dealerships,” he said. “(It’s) the whole Friday night experience.”

Flowers said creating memories and seeing young people smile has been his goal through it all.

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