Bridal Fashion Designer Kicks Off New YouTube Show by Interviewing Fashion and Event Industry Leaders in Couture Conversations with Tess | State

COOKEVILLE, Tennessee., December 31, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Tess Mann, Fashion Designer for Couture by Tess Bridal started a talk show, Couture cats with Tess, filmed in a salon at his store location and broadcast on YouTube. The show will air interviews with fashion and event industry leaders conducted by Mann. According to Derek blasberg, Head of Fashion and Beauty Partnerships at YouTube, YouTube aspires to be a space that allows for greater longevity, a space that is not so dominated by the ephemeral quality of the constantly updated feeds that we see on others social media platforms. “People come to this platform looking for deeper experiences, to learn and uncover secrets,” Blasberg said, as reported in an article by Fashion Network.

“My brand has always been known for the personal relationships we develop with our customers, as evidenced by our hundreds of 5-star reviews online. In the wedding dress industry, you have a customer who comes to you. for a one-time purchase, but we maintain that relationship even after a purchase and often follow our customers’ journeys throughout their lives. It would seem that the best way for us to capture our digital audience is to use these same types of intimate connections, which the YouTube show provides, “said Tess mann with Couture cats with Tess and Couture by Tess Bridal.

“We aim to create content with a little more depth with Couture Chats with Tess than you will find on other social media platforms. As more and more episodes are released, the The goal is to create a captivated audience interested in who Tess is, what she does and the people in her circle featured on the show. It’s an opportunity for the brand to connect with an audience on a much deeper level. “, said Meredith Corning with Meredith Corning RP.

Features of Couture Chats with Tess:

  • Connect from anywhere, anytime.
  • Discover industry topics and secrets in the fashion and event industry.
  • Learn more about each guest in each episode, which features leaders from the fashion and event industry.

On Tess mann: Tess Mann owns the bridal store, Couture by Tess Bridal, and designs her own line of dresses under the same name. Tess has worked in the bridal industry since 2012. Prior to officially entering the industry, she had been drawing since she was a young teenager, but chose a different career path in order to serve her country for over twenty years. as a federal officer. . In september 2018, Tess became a trademark designer in the United States, her designs being protected by the United States Patent Office. After serving the Memphis, Tennessee For just over six years, Tess and her husband, Joe, have opened Couture by Tess Bridal at 31 W. Broad Street in Cookeville, Tennessee in November 2019. Tess is also the host of Couture’s talk show Chats with Tess on YouTube where she interviews fashion and event professionals.

Contact (PR and Casting): Meredith Corning

SOURCE Couture by Tess Bridal

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