Bhagaval Singh posted ‘Haikus’ on Facebook just days after murder of woman

Kerala ‘human sacrifice’ case: Bhagaval Singh posted ‘Haikus’ on Facebook just days after murder of women | Facebook

Bhagaval Singh, who is one of three accused of torturing and killing two women and possibly eating their flesh in the name of “human sacrifice” in Kerala, is said to have often posted poetry on Facebook. He also described himself as “independent in alternative medicine.”

The 60-year-old was well known in the city as an always polite social worker.

The traditional healer and poet, known to be “mean” by friends and neighbors, is believed to have played a part in the horrific killings that have rocked the nation. The main defendant, Mohammad Shafi, described as a ‘sadist’ and a ‘sexual pervert’, befriended Bhagaval Singh on social media to perform ‘human sacrifice’ to end their financial woes.

NDTV quoted a neighbor of the couple as saying the Singhs were well educated and busy in the community. “No one had any idea of ​​that mindset. They didn’t seem like the type to stoop to such levels,” the neighbor said.

Bhagaval Singh was also linked to the CPM, however, the party denied he was a member. Residents said the party was active in party work in the area.

Singh’s Facebook page is said to have posted poetry under the label “Haiku”, a form of Japanese poetry in which 17 syllables are arranged in three lines containing five, seven and five syllables.

More than a week after the trio killed Padma, who was seen entering their house in CCTV footage, Singh has released two cryptic poems in Malayalam. The last said: “A furnace, a blacksmith’s wife at work, her body leaning forward.”

Singh’s biography states that he studied at Kerala University and St Thomas College, Kozhencherry. His bio reads: “Self-employed in the field of alternative medicine and Marma therapy system which is well spread and accepted by people. I plant and nurture various species of herbs of great medical value. Under the supervision of university staff, we treat accidents born complaints, various types of arthritis, paralysis, birth and after recovery (sic).”

He had over 1,100 followers on the social networking site.

The three defendants, who participated in the murder of the two women, were identified earlier this week.

Police have now been granted custody of the three defendants for 12 days for further questioning and further investigation. The court ordered custody of the defendant yesterday, however, police entered a custody plea today, saying detailed questioning is needed to determine if there are other victims.

Hearing the case, the Kerala court said the widespread use of the internet and social media has also led to the spread of superstitions and backward beliefs.

In his order, Magistrate Eldos Mathew said: “Even (though) the spirit of our Constitution is to promote scientific character, modern scientific tools like Facebook, cell phones and YouTube are used to spread our strange beliefs, our superstitions, our rituals, etc. Indeed, when science and technology lead our society towards progress and development, such regressive acts set society back.

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