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Diwali 2021: Amazon’s ad has garnered over 9.6 million views to date.

Amazon India, just days before Diwali, released an ad that has now captured people’s hearts. The video, shared on Facebook, celebrates the unsung heroes of Covid. There is a chance that the video will not only make you smile, but also leave you with tears in your eyes.

“Some people are # special in family and this year don’t forget to #give them love yourself. Here is a heartwarming story from us! Tell us about your #SpecialFamily in the comments section, ”they wrote as they shared the video.


The video was posted a few days ago on October 29. Since being shared, the video has gone viral of sorts and has racked up over 9.6 million views to date. He also received a variety of comments.

“Superb announcement … quite relatable.” There are times in life when you don’t get support from loved ones … but you do get support from unexpected strangers. Really, these are the links that we have to treasure, ”wrote one Facebook user. “Really nice message,” commented another. “Beautiful and emotional… great keep it up,” said a third.

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