Amazon Studios is on the verge of a deal to make a Mass Effect TV series

The streaming wars and consumer habits have forced studios to scramble to find the next big franchise. Unfortunately, the world’s “Star Wars” and “Harry Potter” safe bets are well locked up in other studios. Everyone has to look elsewhere. While many video game movies have been to varying degrees terrible, the video games themselves represent worlds full of rich storytelling with massive built-in audiences. Done right, like Netflix’s “Castlevania,” video game adaptations could be the next entertainment gold rush.

As such, Amazon attacking “Mass Effect” makes a lot of sense. There are several games in the series, which have been very popular so far. A movie was, at one point or another, in development, but never really came to fruition. Interestingly enough, a report by This hashtag show earlier this year reported that Netflix was in talks for an animated series based on the games. Did it fall into the water? Or did Amazon step in instead? In any case, this will deserve special attention in the weeks / months to come.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted on any new developments on Amazon’s possible “Mass Effect” series.

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