Amazon provides logistics and cybersecurity support to Ukraine

Amazon provides logistics and cybersecurity support to Ukraine thanks to its extensive logistics network. Amazon chief executive Andy Jassy said on Twitter on Wednesday. It helps in the delivery of supplies to those in need. The company also provides cybersecurity expertise to Ukrainian government and businesses.

“Amazon stands with the people of Ukraine and will continue to help,” Jassy said. Amazon pledged $10 million in humanitarian aid earlier this week as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine escalated.

Previously, Google announced a $15 million donation to Ukraine, as well as advertising credits for humanitarian and intergovernmental organizations working on relief and resettlement. According to Kent Walker, president of global affairs at Google, the company has activated an SOS alert on searches in Ukraine. An alert signal will appear when information about refugees and evacuation is activated. This will indicate UN resources for refugees and asylum seekers.

Apple also announced a suspension of sales in Russia and restrictions on Apple Pay. CEO Tim Cook said in an email to employees on Tuesday that the company is working to support Ukrainian workers. It will also provide two-for-one donations of humanitarian relief funds. Separately, Hiroshi Mikitani, chairman of Rakuten Group, the parent company of Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten Market, tweeted that the company would donate 1 billion yen ($8.6 million) to the Ukrainian government for “l ‘humanitarian aid”.

Facebook, YouTube and TikTok block two major Russian state media in the EU

Facebook’s parent company Meta said on Monday that the company has blocked Russian state media. RT and Sputnik across the EU. The pages of the two main media will not be visible on Facebook and Instagram in the EU.

Facebook meta

Nick Clegg, Meta’s new president of global affairs, said on Twitter on Monday… “We have received requests from several governments and the EU. Given the specificity of the current situation, we will temporarily limit RT and Sputnik throughout the EU.

TikTok also followed Facebook by blocking access to the EU to two Russian state media. A TikTok spokesperson has confirmed that Sputnik and RT will no longer be able to distribute to the public in the EU. Additionally, their pages and content will no longer be accessible to users within the EU.

Besides, Youtube blocked Russian news channels RT and Sputnik across the EU, saying ‘the system will take some time to fully update’ and will continue to ‘monitor the situation around the clock to take prompt action’ .

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