September 19, 2021

Amazon Echo Show 82021 with upgraded 13-megapixel camera launched in India

Amazon has announced the launch of the second generation Amazon Echo Show 2021 in India. The new Echo Show 2021 is similar in structure to its previous sibling (Echo 8 2020), but the new Alexa-powered device comes with an improved camera. The Echo Show 2021 would be ideal for users with multiple smart home devices, as it allows voice commands to manage connected lights, outlets, air conditioners, fans, TVs, and geysers. It’s also perfect for making quick video calls in the kitchen while cooking.

From conception Alexa-Powered Echo show 8 2021 will be available in a black and white finish. Like last year’s first-gen Echo Show 8, it has an 8-inch HD display with thick bezels on all sides. The most notable changes of the year include a 13-megapixel camera that can be closed with a dedicated button for privacy. The front camera allows users to make hands-free video calls with automatic framing. It also supports automatic panning and zooming to ensure the right frame. Users can connect their phone contacts to the Alexa mobile app and make video calls directly through Echo Show 8 2021. As always, users can use commands such as “Alexa, callMom”.

Like most Alexa-enabled devices, the Echo Show 82021 focuses on increasing productivity with a hands-free experience. Users can ask Alexa to set timers and reminders, get the latest weather information, cook for their favorite recipes, stay up to date with the latest news, and more. Additionally, users can log into their Facebook account and use their photos to convert their device into digital frames. According to Amazon, the Echo Show 8 2021’s adaptive color display improves photo quality with every light. Echo Show 8 users can also turn off the built-in microphone for more privacy and delete voice recordings.

Amazon says the Echo Show 8 2021 supports low-power modes and is made from 30% recycled plastic and 100% recycled fabric in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. The e-commerce giant adds that 99% of the packaging of this device is made of material made from wood fibers. The new Amazon Echo Show 8 (2nd generation) is priced at Rs 13,999 in India. Amazon says the device is currently available for a limited time at Rs 11,499 as part of its referral offer.

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Amazon Echo Show 82021 with upgraded 13-megapixel camera launched in India

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