Amazon apparently launches into live audio, with a focus on music



Image Credit: Amazon Music

Much like Spotify, Amazon is reportedly looking to launch a live audio app similar to Clubhouse.

The live audio race continues. Axes reports that Amazon is the latest tech giant to be creating an over-the-air audio service, joining the ranks of similar apps like Clubhouse.

Live audio platforms broadcast live-only audio streams of conversations, often in virtual “rooms” where designated speakers broadcast to listeners muted. According to Axes, the Amazon version would be slightly different. The feature is said to be music-centric, based on the Amazon Music streaming service, and built into Alexa voice assistant devices.

All plans are still in the rumor stage. The musicians could have organized concerts and live events in collaboration with a major record company, and celebrities would have been hosting live conversations on the service. In addition to music, radio programs and podcasts are also being considered, blending well with the Alexa system. Amazon-owned Twitch is rumored to be getting live audio as well.

Amazon has yet to confirm the leak. If that’s correct, the company will take on rivals Spotify Greenroom, Facebook’s live audio rooms and Twitter spaces, as well as the original platform that sparked the live audio craze, Clubhouse.

Amazon’s efforts are probably more similar to Spotify Greenroom than to Clubhouse’s rivals launched by social media platforms. Axes speculate that the focus is more likely to be on a radio tool for live performances rather than triggering conversations between strangers on the internet.

Sounds like a good way to sell Alexa devices, eh? There could, however, be valuable opportunities for Amazon Music artists to perform live and for musicians to gain additional exposure by riding the wave of advertising that always accompanies the launch of a new tool.


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