Amazon, Alphabet, Apple, Tesla, Facebook, Square, Microsoft and JPM Elliott Wave analysis [Video]

Tesla (TSLA) Amazon (AMZN) Apple (AAPL) Alphabet (GOOGL) Facebook (FB) Meta Platforms (META) Microsoft (MSFT) and JPMorgan Chase (JPM) Technical Analysis Elliott Wave Forecast & Day Trading Strategies:
00:00 Amazon Elliott Wave technical analysis.
10:38 Technical analysis of the Elliott wave of the alphabet.
17:02 Apple Elliott Wave technical analysis.
22:50 Square SQ Technical analysis of Elliott waves.
25:30 Facebook Meta Platforms (META) Elliott Wave technical analysis.
31:14 Tesla Elliott Wave technical analysis.
35:10 Microsoft Elliott Wave technical analysis.
40:30 JPMorgan Chase (JPM) Elliott Wave Analysis.
44:00 Thank you for watching the Elliott Wave Analysis on US Equities.

US stocks Amazon AMZN, Alphabet GOOGL, Apple AAPL, Microsoft MSFT, Facebook FB, Meta Platforms META, Tesla TSLA. Elliott wave analysis counts below.

Stock Analysis Snapshot: Markets positive with Apple leading the market higher, however waiting for the S&P and NDX to break up to confirm the uptrend.

Elliott Wave Analysis on US Stocks: Please note this wave count may change as in the video:
Amazon AMZN Elliott Wave Wave (4).
GOOGL Elliott Wave Alphabet (4).
Apple AAPL Elliott Wave (5).
Microsoft MSFT Elliott Wave (4).
Square SQ Elliott Wave (4).
Facebook FB Metaverse Elliott Wave (4).
Tesla TSLA Elliott Wave (5).

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