Amazon, Alphabet, Apple, Tesla, Facebook, Square, Microsoft and BAC Elliott wave analysis [Video]

Tesla (TSLA), Amazon (AMZN), Apple (AAPL), Alphabet (GOOGL), Facebook (FB), Microsoft (MSFT) and US banks technical analysis Elliott Wave Forecast & Day Trading Strategies.

00:00 Amazon Elliott Wave technical analysis.
05:29 Technical analysis of Alphabet’s Elliott wave.
08:32 Apple Elliott Wave technical analysis.
17:22 Square SQ Technical analysis of Elliott waves.
9:42 PM Technical analysis of the Elliott Wave on Facebook.
26:22 Tesla Elliott Wave technical analysis.
28:56 Microsoft Elliott Wave technical analysis.
33:54 American banks BAC.
36:24 Thanks for watching US Stocks Elliott Wave Analysis.

US stocks Amazon AMZN, Alphabet GOOGL, Apple AAPL, Microsoft MSFT, Facebook FB, Tesla TSLA. Elliott wave analysis counts below:

Stock analysis overview: Risk activated.

Elliott Wave Analysis on US Equities.
Amazon AMZN Elliott Wave Wave v) 1 of (5).
GOOGL Elliott Vague Vague Alphabet v) 1 of (5).
Apple AAPL Elliott Wave v) 1 of (5).
Microsoft MSFT Elliott Wave v) 1 of (5).
Square SQ Elliott Wave (iii) of iii) of y of (4).
Facebook FB Elliott Wave of 3 of (5) Or y of (4).
Tesla TSLA Elliott Wave b) of 4 of (5).

Trading tip:
“Never, ever argue with your trading system.”

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