A Religious Facebook Group Believes This Reebok Shoe Is Satanic

A religious group on Facebook apparently believes that a recently released fashion shoe, the Reebok x Maison Margiela Tabi Decortique, is satanic.

That’s because the sneaker’s toe box is split in two halves, an unconventional look for athletic shoes – which makes the shoe look like an animal’s hoof.

“Reebok’s new sneakers have Baphomet goat feet”, the Facebook page Prophecy News wrote on September 19. “The rulers of this world are increasingly showing openly and clearly who they worship. Be sure to open your eyes and don’t get caught up in their rituals.”

The Tabi Decortique is part of an ongoing collaboration between Reebok, the American footwear and apparel brand owned by Adidas, and Maison Margiela, the French luxury fashion house. The Low Decortique Classic Leather Tabi appeared in early 2022.

The so-called clogs of the shoes – indeed, the unusual split “decortic” in the toe area – are a fashion hallmark of designer John Galliano. Her work with Maison Margiela over the past few seasons has highlighted similar “cutout” style treatments on garments.

“Decortique uses figurative cut shapes to symbolize the gaps in the selected images that we are constantly surrounded by, highlighting identifiable characteristics embedded in our collective memory and stimulating our visual recognition”, fashion site Highsnobiety Explain.

The Reebok x Maison Margiela Classic Leather Tabi Decortique Low has a retail price of $595. The Prophecy News Facebook page is run by a Christian sect called The Remnants.

On his websiteThe Remnants says it is “about a group of individuals living in the Philippines who loved the Lord Jesus above all else. Because we are so hungry for God, we also want people to be saved and to know the Lord Jesus. This site is dedicated solely to the Lord Jesus. Preparing the way for his second coming!”

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