A post can now be shared on Facebook and Instagram at the same time via the new Facebook / Digital Information World update


This handy new feature of Facebook would soon be available on mobile devices, but it would only be visible to a few profiles linked to their Instagram IDs.

Each user could post up to 10 photos only, but talking about GIFs, polls, photo albums, now these could be shared up to 10 photos or even more, isn’t that just amazing.

This feature is most useful for people who are socially active on a lot of apps, this update from Facebook has also become the recent talking point these days as it is obviously something new and interesting.

This update from Facebook allows everyone to post the updated apps to their Instagram accounts, involving videos, photos, reels and other items.

This feature is also very good in terms of time management, as one can post to two social apps simultaneously without opening the apps over and over again.

Now speaking of how one can use this feature, the feature could be easily seen on the Facebook compose box that people mainly use when formulating a post, when you click on it a new screen would be visible where you would be able to decide whether you would like to post individually to Facebook or to Instagram and Facebook simultaneously. However, this would not become a default setting.

Not only that, but one can activate the option of sharing on Facebook and Instagram together, which would help so that in the future publication, the photo or video is available on both apps without asking again. , this update is not just for Facebook post but also for Facebook story, when you post any photo or video to Facebook story, it would be available on Instagram story.

In the past month, Facebook also updated its messaging features whereby people using Instagram can talk to their Facebook friends who are not on Instagram and people using Facebook can talk to their Instagram friends who are not using Facebook.

This update of Facebook is globally affected, it has many benefits, this update also helped Facebook and Instagram to gain massive number of active users and big profits. Users loved the creativity with which Facebook thinks about its users and the activity with which updates are carried out. Users weren’t done renting the previous features and even before that, another feature appeared.

H / T: TechCrunch / Sarah perez.

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