A fan steps into the ring during the Deji vs. Alex Wassabi boxing fight on YouTube

The main event in London was in the second round when a fan entered the ring before being kicked out by security.

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Alex Wassabi to donate fight scholarship to brother’s college fund

The YouTube boxing fight between Deji and Alex Wassabi descended into chaos when a fan jumped into the ring.

The fight was in the second of five rounds when the fan climbed through the ropes, forcing a halt to the contest.

The intruder was immediately jumped on by the fighters’ practice teams before being hit in the head by a stool and pulled from the ring.

The fight, which was the main event of the latest Showstar Boxing card, was cut short before the ring announcer pleaded for calm as he told fans the fight would be called off if calm did not ensue. not.

The fight finally resumed when Deji suffered his third straight loss, with two of the judges rightfully siding with debutant Wassabi.

“I did well, I didn’t know who was going to win in the end,” said the winner. “I didn’t realize how hard it was going to be.


“These people love their people and they showed it; I haven’t heard my name once.

“Deji, I just wanted to compete and if it wasn’t for you, this dream wouldn’t have come true.

“I want to come back…I don’t know when the next YouTube event is.”

The beaten Deji said: “I guess I think too much when I box and I don’t punch enough. Alex did well, I can’t argue with that.”

Having vowed to quit if he lost, Deji asked the crowd if they wanted him to fight again, to which they said yes.

He and Wassabi then agreed to a rematch. “If you want me to fight again, I’ll show you what I can do,” he added.

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A fan ran into the ring during Deji against Alex Wassabi

The intruder was just the latest in a long list of dramatic moments at the event at Wembley Arena on Saturday night.

The fight between Ryan Taylor and DK Money was stopped in the first round when Taylor inexplicably headbutted his opponent.

Taylor had complained of a low kick but there was no evidence such a foul had been committed and he was promptly disqualified.

Chaos ensued immediately after fans crowded the ring, forcing the announcer to demand that they take their seats.

There were more fouls in the fight between Vitaly and Kristen Hanby.

Hanby had dominated the first two rounds, but then resorted to headbutting his opponent.

The referee stopped the fight to warn Hanby but did not punish the fighter with the fight which ultimately scored a draw.

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