72% of US users don’t trust Facebook, poll finds


This one definitely falls under “No Sh * t Sherlock!” Category. According to a Washington Post-Schar School survey, the majority of Americans don’t trust any of the big social media companies like Meta, the company that owns Facebook and Instagram, but are torn because they still want to access their products and use them. And services.

It’s one of the few things Americans can agree on: They don’t trust big tech companies with their data. From Alexa to Google, social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, and private messaging like Whatsapp, 64% think the government should do more to rule over tech companies.

A majority of those surveyed feel that they do not have enough say in the information they give to the companies that operate the platforms. They are in fact taken hostage. It’s practically impossible these days to function completely without some sort of interaction of these services and applications, and from running small businesses to keeping in touch with loved ones, the big tech giants seem to have looked at us all. barrel, with few alternatives.

The survey results tell us that 72% of Americans are suspicious of Facebook, 60% are suspicious of TikTok and Instagram, while other companies such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, YouTube and Amazon are hovering above the 50% level of mistrust. This is not particularly surprising, given the data leaks and news of the past two years. But it’s interesting that only 10% of people think Facebook has a positive effect on society as a whole. It is quite overwhelming.

Plus, 70% of Americans think their devices listen to them and listen to them when they’re not invited. It sounds a bit of a conspiracy theorist, but there are times when you tell someone about a particular topic, and then you start getting ads for that exact thing when it was just a question. face to face conversation without Googling or online mentions involved. It sometimes makes you think.

In another interesting development after the publication of the results of this survey, I received a questionnaire on my own personal Instagram feed from Meta, asking the same questions. Obviously, the company is sufficiently concerned with the outcome to conduct its own identical investigation.

Ultimately, most Americans (64%) think the government should be doing more to keep these businesses under control. In 2012, they were asked the same question when only 38% of the population wanted more government regulation. This is a significant increase and it indicates a sharp increase in dissatisfaction.

Personally, I don’t see an increase in government regulation becoming a thing in the near future, at least in the United States. These companies carry tremendous clout and actually keep us addicted to their products in one way or another. What then can we do if we have this love-hate relationship with big tech and avoiding it altogether is not practical or really an option?

A few ideas: take regular breaks from your online consumption, and watch the time you spend on each platform. There is probably one that sucks at one point more than another. Try to stick to specific durations or time of day when allowing yourself to use the Platforms. If you have to use them for work, get the job done, then get out right away without getting sucked into the rabbit hole. Easier said than done, I know!

It is also important to monitor how you feel after spending time there. If you’re feeling down, stressed, or angry, it’s probably time to take a step back and reassess your use. This is doubly important for teens, so if you have young adults in your care, try to help them set boundaries around their activities and use online. We’ve seen that social media platforms can have a negative effect on mental health, so we shouldn’t dismiss this, especially when it comes to teenagers.

What do you think of big tech companies and social media giants?

[Via Washington Post]


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