50 Content Ideas for Musicians on Facebook & Instagram Reels, TikTok, YouTube Shorts

Looking for content ideas? Need suggestions on what you can create and post to TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Facebook, and Instagram Reels? Our friend Michael Brandvold offers you various content ideas for short videos.

by Michel BrandvolD by Michael Brandvold Marketing

VANTE is taking over BRAVEWORDS’ YouTube shorts to share stories behind the songs.

50 content ideas for Facebook and Instagram reels, YouTube and TikTok shorts

  1. Read great quotes from reviews. – You have a great review, read one or two of the great quotes and be sure to thank the media.
  2. Read radio marketing results. – You receive radio ads, graphic actions…every week, share the highlights.
  3. Countdown to release. – “Our new album XXXXX will be out in XX days, be sure to follow us on Spotify so you don’t miss it.”
  4. Show ads. – If you have upcoming shows, you can promote them with short video clips. Be sure to mention the date, location, city and state. Tell fans for more information or tickets, visit your website or Bandsintown. These videos can also be sent to the promoter for publication.
  5. Various digital platform screams. – Make a short video explaining to your fans the different places where they can listen and buy.
  6. Subscribe to YouTube. – “Never miss a new video, subscribe to our YouTube channel.
  7. Promote the release or premiere of the video. – “Our new XXXX video is going to have its world premiere at XXXXX on XXXXX, put it in your calendar!” You can also include clips from the video to tease the release.
  8. Release day. – “Our new album XXXX is out today on all digital platforms, listen to it on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal and more!”
  9. Bandsintown Trail. – “We don’t want you to miss a new show announcement, head over to our profile at Bandsintown.com and follow us.”
  10. Join the mailing list. – “You can do us a great favor by subscribing to our mailing list so that you never miss any future news, join our mailing list on our website XXXXX.”
  11. Follow on Spotify. – “Follow us on Spotify to never miss a new release!”
  12. Show the merchandising on video. – If you sell merchandise… “Check out our brand new XXXXXX which you can get online at XXXXX.”
  13. CD/vinyl dedication video. – If you have autographed items to sell… Make a video clip autographing an item. “You can get a XXXX autographed to XXXXXX.”
  14. Gear tower. – Show your fans the gear you used to record or play live.
  15. Story behind the songs. – Share the story behind each song, share inspiration or a funny story.
  16. Music recording.
  17. Take a tour of the recording studio.
  18. Rehearsals.
  19. Show loading.
  20. Show disassembly.
  21. Meet fans at shows.
  22. Lyrics sheets. – Make a video of your handwritten lyric sheets and talk about the lyrics.
  23. Fan gifts. – Share a video of gifts fans could give you. Be sure to mention the fan by name.
  24. Interviews.- Record and share a short clip of yourself doing media interviews.
  25. Did you know. – Share short snippets of trivia or facts about the band, band members, songs, albums, etc.
  26. Teaser a new single. – Share 30 seconds of your next single and ask for feedback.
  27. Drawings and models. – Show off merchandise, covers, and other designs and mockups. Ask fans to comment on what they think.
  28. Group members interview each other. – Each member of the group can ask a question to the other members.
  29. Ask fans to leave reviews. – “We want to read your reviews of our new album, please leave a short review on iTunes, Amazon or in the comments below.”
  30. Alexa, play the album… – “Do you have Amazon Alexa?” Try this… “Alexa, play XXXXX album XXXX”.
  31. Record a video by walking into a record store and buying the new CD.
  32. Record video clip opening new CD, show illustration.
  33. Released on this day and other anniversaries. – Talk about birthdays and other important dates in your history.
  34. Favorite quotes or sayings. – Share a quote from a musician who inspired you and why in the caption, then ask your followers to tell you who inspires them in the comments.
  35. Album name. – Share a video explaining why you named your album what you did.
  36. What kind of music do you listen to?
  37. Growing up, which artists influenced you?
  38. What new bands are you listening to?
  39. Who are your 3 favorite artists of all time?
  40. What was the first concert you attended?
  41. What is the last concert you attended?
  42. What is the first album you bought with your own money?
  43. What is the last album you bought?
  44. In your spare time, what kind of hobbies or activities do you enjoy?
  45. What is your greatest guilty pleasure (movie, album, or other)?
  46. If you were to record a duet with an artist outside of the musical genre you are known for, who could it be and what song would you cover?
  47. Do you have any rituals before going on stage?
  48. What famous historical event would you like to witness and why?
  49. What are you most looking forward to when you return home from a tour?
  50. What song do you throw on Friday night to kick off the weekend?

Here are some tips when recording your video.

1. Record video clips vertically.
2. Keep them under a minute.
3. Make sure there is no music playing in the background.

Below are the different video lengths for TikTok, Reels, Shorts, and Stories.

  • TikTok – 10 mins
  • Instagram Reels – 90 seconds
  • Facebook Reels – 60 seconds
  • Short YouTube – 60 seconds
  • Facebook story – 20 seconds
  • Instagram story – 15 seconds
  • YouTube story – 15 seconds

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