5 tips to make your Facebook and Instagram reels stand out

Until very recently, vertical video was frowned upon! Landscape video players were the norm, from TV screens to YouTube. This would cause vertical images to display awkwardly and only take up a small space in the center of the player.

However, with the rise of Instagram and Facebook Reels, and mobile video consumption, vertical video is becoming increasingly popular.

Shooting vertically will give you more control over what appears on screen and allow you to fill the entire frame, for a better viewing experience.

  • Get creative with transitions

Reels on Instagram and Facebook have built-in editing tools that make it really easy!

Some transition skills used by our favorite content creators in their reels are simply amazing! Plus, these reels really make us wonder how exactly they’re made since the shots look so smooth and easy to do.

Screen tapping, for example, is a popular transition that focuses on tapping or touching the screen and changing your hold after moving your hand backwards. Lots of makeup artists use it!

  • Use effects, stickers and texts

The difference between dull visual content and attractive content usually involves the use of effects. That’s why Facebook and Instagram offer so many effects that are an incredibly easy way to enhance your content in seconds.

For example, you can use the heart-shaped sticker for a relevant part and another sticker for a particular segment or an entire reel. This is great because one can add multiple stickers and schedule them to appear only at chosen time intervals.

Using trending songs for Facebook and Instagram Reels can help you get more views. Here’s how:

Step 1. Find the reel that contains the music you want to use.

Step 2. Tap the song name at the bottom of the reel.

Step 3. Then you can browse reels with the same song or directly click Use Audio and Create Reel.

Step 4. Now you can save your Reel with trending song.

  • Use golden hours and blue hours for perfect lighting

There are four times a day when the light is ideal for taking photos/videos outdoors, these are the golden hours and the blue hours.

They occur in the hour before sunrise (blue) and the hour after (golden) and the reverse in the evening, one hour before sunset (golden) and the hour after (blue).

Natural light at these times is ideal for photography because of the relationship between the position of the sun and the distance to your subject.

During sunrise and sunset, it’s closer to the subject, and it’s also moving through the atmosphere at a much lower angle than usual, producing a soft, diffused light.

This type of light works well for content creators. It does not create harsh shadows or exaggerated highlights. The golden hour also casts a warm color temperature illuminating the subject quite flatteringly.

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