4 reasons why people prefer Instagram over other social apps : The Tribune India

Nowadays, people are more interested in Instagram than other social media apps. Instagram has become the main option for people when it comes to sharing their life, finding something interesting, showing their creativity, attracting users, introducing their business, getting exposure and good other reasons.

Instagram ranks first when considering these reasons for its high usage. some of the other reasons why people prefer Instagram over other social apps are:

All about visuals and microblogging

Instagram offers its users quick visuals for sharing information. You don’t need to watch long videos to experience the life of your favorite celebrity. Since microblogging became popular, people apart from youtube also prefer to share their life and activities through Instagram posts.

More social

Instagram has become the most social app where you can interact with the general public more than other apps. Like on youtube, if you like a video by giving it a thumbs up and adding a comment, only a few people notice.

On Instagram, you can ask people’s opinions on anything, you can share stories, or you can also save stories using a story saver, you can start a poll to which people are more willing to respond or you can do a lot.

Fun Features

You can’t see the fun and amazing features on YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms, but you can see them on Instagram. It’s about taking pictures and sharing beautiful images. You can add different amazing filters and enhance your posts.

Users are more active

A survey indicates that more than 50% of people are more engaged and active on Instagram than on any other app like Facebook. So people who are more likely to have their business and want to share their creativity, see that customers are more engaged with Instagram content and the doors are wide open for them.


Besides the above reasons, Instagram is one of the best way to remove boredom. You see so much about events and happenings, you see entertaining reels, you get to know people, their lifestyle and everything.

You can easily download these reels and clips through Instagram video downloader and share these reels with your friends and family. You can save stories to your phone with Instagram Stories Downloader – SaveFrom.net. This software has several advantages over other downloaders.

Advantages of SaveFrom.net

It’s completely free

One of the main advantages of this software is that it is completely free for everyone. You don’t have to pay and you can download unlimited videos and clips from Instagram.

It’s convenient and easy

If you use an internet tool to download something and you don’t understand it, you may never want to use it again. Savefrom.net is one of the easiest software you can use to download your favorite videos without being a tech pro.

Direct download

Many apps ask you to add other programs if you want to download a video with their help. But in this software, you can directly download Instagram videos without adding other adware.

Faster download

Many software lacks speed and makes you wait a long time just to record your favorite video. In savefrom.net downloading is super fast and you can save yourself from the annoying and slow process of downloading.

HD quality video

No one wants to download a poor quality video and share it with others. This will not only be inconvenient, but also a waste of time. But when you download a video with Savefrom.net, it does not degrade the quality of the original video.

You don’t have to worry about the video quality with Savefrom as it will keep the original quality of the video.

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